WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naughty Cherry #14


Naughty Cherry celebrates the exquisite taste of ripened cherries. Refreshing with a touch of tartness, Vapepro Naughty Cherry will give you an endlessly pleasurable experience.


Designed in Europe, Vapepro is a stylish and elegant disposable electronic cigarette pre-loaded with the highest quality e-liquid. Simple and flavorful, Vapepro provides adults a safer and more enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, Vapepro is also the first disposable device with AIRFLOW control technology to provide a customizable vaping experience that also includes an innovative child lock safety feature.

Vapepro replaces the harmful toxins and tar in tobacco smoke with fresh flavors and lower levels of nicotine to give smokers a better alternative to combustible cigarettes. Let Vapepro assist you on your journey to a smoke free life.

No charging, No refills, No mess.


Our mission is to create a responsible and industry compliant alternative to combustible cigarette smoking for adults. We’re focused on manufacturing the highest quality devices and designing the best tasting flavors on the market. 

Our goal is to create a safer and healthier vaping experience to give you another tool to successfully reduce or eliminate a potentially deadly daily smoking habit.







Our cutting edge design features the innovative AIRFLOW technology. Now you have the ability to control how much air flows into the device when you inhale. 

This also allows you to adjust the number of total puffs from your device. Less air flow leads to longer life and more puffs from your vape. 


– Child lock function blocks 100% of the air flow through the device

– Increase or decrease the amount of air flow with each turn

– Air flow controls the intensity of the flavor

35 reviews for Naughty Cherry #14

  1. Randy

    favouriteVery good, lovely flavours. I’ve tried 8 different flavours. I recommend Grape & Watermelon

  2. Eugene

    Very good quality the fruit in the flavours are very good and I love the blue razz lemonade flavour good costumer service I will never use anywhere else for vapes I buy them every week and will continue

  3. Vincent

    “Absolutely love these!! I’ve tried to
    Stop smoking numerous times before but never been able too until now! The product, service and delivery are all fantastic couldn’t fault them at all and really happy they also have the option of zero nicotine and it’s mix and match on some deals too!
    I’ve been many times and will continue but honestlyRead more about review stating Stopped smoking! have not had the urge to smoke with these vapes!”

  4. Russell

    These are great little vapes. Really nice flavour and last a while. Will definitely buy these again.

  5. Elijah

    Vapepro bars are the best disposable vapes that I have come across so far. They are so lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket, providing you with everything you need.

  6. Louis

    Great vapes. Really good design, it lasts a while and all flavours are amazing! It would be nice to see more flavours in future, but definitely our favourite disposable vape!

  7. Bobby

    Good quick service and a good product

  8. Philip

    tasteSuper good product, nice taste

  9. Johnny

    Vape uk is by far the best online vape shop I’ve used.

  10. James

    Excellent, arrived quickly and just what I ordered.

  11. Robert

    Very happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy again. Bought several different kind to try. A good strong inhale but not too much. A big range of options which allows for a change if you get tired of one. Already ordering again.

  12. John

    Great flavours, long-lasting and surely better than the cheaply made ‘brands’ I found at 24h shops. Great size, can be discreetly carried everywhere. This is my 2nd time ordering the kit and I will certainly be back for more flavours!

  13. Michael

    Tastes great real flavours,packaging is good and discreet.feels very light and functional.

  14. William

    These are brilliant! Really helping me to quit smoking cigarettes and taste so much nicer!

  15. David

    Great quality, the blueberry flavour is one of my favourite to tokes on, highly recommended.

  16. Richard

    Great flavours, great qaulity , taste AMAZING! Also they come so much quicker than I expected so I will be buying more every single payday

  17. Joseph

    Best disposable vape I’ve tried so far. Tastes great. Lasts longer than others. Highly recommend.

  18. Thomas

    Love the flavours and a brilliant offer!

  19. Charles

    Love these little vapes, by far the best ones I’ve tried in terms of them lasting a few days rather than just one day

  20. Christopher

    Love these. I’ve been ordering for a few months now and they’ve really helped me stay off cigarettes. Fast delivery. Wish they done them in the lower nicotine level so I can decreasing the cravings

  21. Daniel

    Buy these all the time, good range of colours and flavours, love the design and looks.

  22. Matthew

    “ElfbarVery good service
    Easy to order
    Fast shipping
    Great flavours”

  23. Anthony

    Good value for money.

  24. Mark

    Brilliant !

  25. Donald

    Perfect way to start the quitting process. Small and discreet and the flavours are amazing ! Great price too !

  26. Steven

    “These disposables are brilliant. The quality of them are great, the flavours are strong right until the end. Love you can mix and match the flavours with the offer.
    Definitely recommend these”

  27. Paul

    Love them

  28. Andrew

    Great taste

  29. Joshua

    FantasticFantastic product if you want to cut down ordinary cigarettes or quit.

  30. Kenneth

    Really good and great flavour , good price and speedy delivery

  31. Kevin

    Great disposable vapes. Excellent selection.

  32. Brian

    Great flavours and a good price. Delivery was quick and no issues at all with anything

  33. George

    Very easy to use and the flavours taste absolutely gorgeous I would definitely recommend coming here for vapes and the prices are absolutely cheap

  34. Edward

    Very pleased with the product

  35. Ronald

    “Love these!
    Easy to use, fab flavours that taste good to the end and small enough for your pocket.
    Great delivery times and website is easy!”

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