WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Italian Cappuccino #21


Who can resist the aroma of an Italian cappuccino!? The fragrance of Vapepro Italian Cappuccino will take you back to your favorite Italian cafe sipping on a creamy, hand poured cappuccino. Indulge in this luxurious taste for hours without worrying about all the caffeine.


Designed in Europe, Vapepro is a stylish and elegant disposable electronic cigarette pre-loaded with the highest quality e-liquid. Simple and flavorful, Vapepro provides adults a safer and more enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, Vapepro is also the first disposable device with AIRFLOW control technology to provide a customizable vaping experience that also includes an innovative child lock safety feature.

Vapepro replaces the harmful toxins and tar in tobacco smoke with fresh flavors and lower levels of nicotine to give smokers a better alternative to combustible cigarettes. Let Vapepro assist you on your journey to a smoke free life.

No charging, No refills, No mess.


Our mission is to create a responsible and industry compliant alternative to combustible cigarette smoking for adults. We’re focused on manufacturing the highest quality devices and designing the best tasting flavors on the market. 

Our goal is to create a safer and healthier vaping experience to give you another tool to successfully reduce or eliminate a potentially deadly daily smoking habit.







Our cutting edge design features the innovative AIRFLOW technology. Now you have the ability to control how much air flows into the device when you inhale. 

This also allows you to adjust the number of total puffs from your device. Less air flow leads to longer life and more puffs from your vape. 


– Child lock function blocks 100% of the air flow through the device

– Increase or decrease the amount of air flow with each turn

– Air flow controls the intensity of the flavor

35 reviews for Italian Cappuccino #21

  1. Kyle

    Really great product, could find no faults would recommend for new time vapers or as an addition between using bigger vapes

  2. Walter

    Really nice flavours last a long time

  3. Ethan

    Nice flavour. Best disposable and flavour on the market

  4. Jeremy

    great flavour

  5. Harold

    Mouth watering can’t get enough of this one.

  6. Keith

    Nicest flavours

  7. Christian

    Amazing product

  8. Roger

    It feels just the right weight in your hand and simple to use. The flavours are fantastic and you can get in zero nicotine. Impressed enough to write a review!

  9. Noah

    Nice strawberry flavour, saves carrying e cig about good for what they are puff and go

  10. Carl

    Simple, easy to use, compact, you can put them down and they do not leak if not upright, you can put them in your pocket and the usual weight is not dragging my trousers down! The flavours are excellent.

  11. Terry

    I have been using these new disposable vapes for the past few days they are so easy to use and super handy to have one in the car incase your normal vape breaks or for use on a night out.

  12. Sean

    The flavours are amazing and the strength is just perfect.

  13. Austin

    This design ideal for first time vape users as all you have to do it pull off a protective seal at of the unit and take the stopper out of the top and then you are ready to go, no priming of coils and having to fill a tank.

  14. Arthur

    I love how easy this little ecig is to use! The tastes are great and i actually find myself vaping less when i have it with me. Great service and great products as usual from Vapepro keep it up guys!

  15. Lawrence

    Absolutely love this product . . These vape pens are small and sleep very lightweight and easy too use . I would differently recommend for those who are giving up smoking and love trying nee flavours. I would defiantly purchase these

  16. Jesse

    These vapes are just perfect. I also gave one to a friend of mine who had never tried it, he finally started smoking vapes

  17. Dylan

    So far I’ve tried the strawberry, pineapple and I am very happy with the flavours especially the strawberry. It lasted me quite a while to so they are definitely worth a try!

  18. Bryan

    I tried a few of them, the aromas of cappuccino and mango – both were great! Really handy too, lasts a few days and you don’t have to worry about recharging or recharging.

  19. Joe

    I have been using these since November and haven’t touched a cigarette since . They are great and last me about 2-3 days , the flavours are good and last to the end . Easy to hold ..tried others but these have the edge

  20. Jordan

    Nice flavours really thought I’d try it will defo buy again.

  21. Billy

    Wow what a flavour this one has! Far better than anything else I have tried so far and more reasonably priced . If you’re like me and just want a simple e ciggie then just try one of these you won’t be disappointed.

  22. Bruce

    Really good taste, I ordered more to have stock, I will definitely buy again

  23. Albert

    Highly recommend these, unlike classic vape you don’t get that fluid taste in your mouth and much more convenient. Plus the flavours ar great

  24. Willie

    Great tastes and easy for evening or day. I just wish them to continue just like that

  25. Gabriel

    great vape, only tried blueberry , but bought 8 different ones, great strong taste, will buy again

  26. Logan

    Excellent product

  27. Alan

    Great product and value for money. My first tried vape and I smoke it with pleasure

  28. Juan

    This is the best vape I have bought to date.

  29. Wayne

    Great little vape , so easy to use and the battery lasts really well for its size.

  30. Roy

    Quality product,great price, compact.

  31. Ralph

    Best company great service

  32. Randy

    A good little product, useful for travelling around and really good for ensuring I don’t take up smoking again.

  33. Eugene

    Hits great, great flavor! Easy to use.

  34. Vincent

    Never disappointed with the flavor and it lasts forever it seems

  35. Bobby

    Lasts a while and the flavor just wow!

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800 puffs with nicotine
1400 puffs without nicotine

икона за брой цигари

Number of cigarettes

60 cigarettes

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Nicotine content

2% or 20 mg/ml

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17 flavours

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No charging, no refills, no stress!

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