WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ice Mint #4


If you love the feeling of icy coolness and refreshing menthol, the perfect taste of our Ice Mint is for you. Vapepro Ice Mint is so good it will make you want to yodel from the top of a snow covered mountain range!


Designed in Europe, Vapepro is a stylish and elegant disposable electronic cigarette pre-loaded with the highest quality e-liquid. Simple and flavorful, Vapepro provides adults a safer and more enjoyable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, Vapepro is also the first disposable device with AIRFLOW control technology to provide a customizable vaping experience that also includes an innovative child lock safety feature.

Vapepro replaces the harmful toxins and tar in tobacco smoke with fresh flavors and lower levels of nicotine to give smokers a better alternative to combustible cigarettes. Let Vapepro assist you on your journey to a smoke free life.

No charging, No refills, No mess.


Our mission is to create a responsible and industry compliant alternative to combustible cigarette smoking for adults. We’re focused on manufacturing the highest quality devices and designing the best tasting flavors on the market. 

Our goal is to create a safer and healthier vaping experience to give you another tool to successfully reduce or eliminate a potentially deadly daily smoking habit.







Our cutting edge design features the innovative AIRFLOW technology. Now you have the ability to control how much air flows into the device when you inhale. 

This also allows you to adjust the number of total puffs from your device. Less air flow leads to longer life and more puffs from your vape. 


– Child lock function blocks 100% of the air flow through the device

– Increase or decrease the amount of air flow with each turn

– Air flow controls the intensity of the flavor

40 reviews for Ice Mint #4

  1. William

    I’ve tried a few disposable vapes and these are definitely my favourite – love the flavours and one will last me a few days – watermelon is my fave!

  2. David

    Easy to use with great flavours

  3. Richard

    Amazing flavour

  4. Joseph

    Best devices on the market

  5. Thomas

    Great flavours,handy sized vape for sticking in your pocket too

  6. Charles

    Good flavours and easy to use

  7. Christopher

    “Perfect! Great service will get more. Helping with not smoking.
    Good offer and taste great”

  8. Daniel

    A great disposable. Has really help with not smoking. Great flavour, nice and light, and easy to use.

  9. Matthew

    Definitely buy again

  10. Anthony

    “AmazinhFlavour are lush.
    Fits nicely in hands.
    Dispatched and delivered.
    The colours finish the product off perfectly.
    100% recommend !”

  11. Mark

    Great vape nice flavour

  12. Donald

    “Great handy vapes cola is
    Review by Emma B. on 1 Mar 2022review stating Great handy vapes cola isGreat handy vapes cola is my favourite so far
    Excellent customer service
    Will definitely be placing regular orders”

  13. Steven

    “I absolutely love these disposable pods. They are so handy to just grab and go. No need to worry about charging the device, changing coils and filling up with liquid.
    5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

  14. Paul

    “Good prices , communication as a company !

    Use , use , use …

    Best around !!”

  15. Andrew

    Helped me to give up smoking cigarettes. Not harsh on the throat. Smells nice.

  16. Joshua


  17. Kenneth

    TheyGreat product and flavours. They have worked well for both husband and I, not smoked at all since using these, day 18 now. We like the disposables as there is no fuss filling or recharging and delivery is very quick.

  18. Kevin

    SuccessThis is the one that’s finally helped me to ctack the cigarettes. Great taste, good strength.. Love them😊

  19. Brian

    serviceGreat products with very high quality taste. Good packaging and great delivery time. Highly recommend!

  20. George

    Excellent idea to have a disposable vape. Great size to slip in bag or pocket. Love the spearmint flavour. Good price for what you get. I will be ordering again👍

  21. Edward

    I’m very happy with my order, great offer, will definitely be ordering again.

  22. Ronald

    “GreatGreat customer service
    Fast delivery
    All flavours taste great
    Order from this website all the time and would recommend to anyone for purchasing elf bars or anything other vaping products”

  23. Timothy

    Great disposable vape, full of flavour!

  24. Jason

    Great flavour

  25. Jeffrey

    I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else A+++++

  26. Ryan

    Really helping to cut out cigs

  27. Jacob

    Great disposable e cig with great flavour I am enjoying vaping with me trying to stop smoking cigarettes the only thing I would change with the multipack is to allow more than one flavour that would be great

  28. Gary

    Very easy to use and give the right amount of vape for me. I would highly recommend

  29. Nicholas

    The best

  30. Eric

    Excellent products, flavours are great

  31. Jonathan

    So many amazing flavours to choose from

  32. Stephen

    !!!Very good!!!

  33. Larry

    Absolutely brilliant for myself and mother making our way down the list of different flavours has helped us both dropped down to a couple of fags each a day and it’s only been two weeks. Great size as well to hold

  34. Justin

    I started using Vapepro to give up smoking and they’ve worked! As an average smoker they last 2-3 days, they taste amazing and have enough of a hit to help with quitting, I highly recommend!!

  35. Scott

    So happy with it

  36. Brandon

    Great product for a lovely fresh vape, easy to use website with good delivery and customer service

  37. Benjamin

    Great flavours amazing all round!

  38. Samuel

    Love the flavours

  39. Gregory

    Fast delivery. Great Vapepro. Recommend seller

  40. Frank

    The best brand

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икона за брой дръпки


800 puffs with nicotine
1400 puffs without nicotine

икона за брой цигари

Number of cigarettes

60 cigarettes

икона еднократна упортрев

Nicotine content

2% or 20 mg/ml

икона за вид на вкуса

Number of flavors

17 flavours

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No charging, no refills, no stress!

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